In the last few years, workers from different countries have taken part in strikes against their employers. For example, Riot Games objected to arbitration, Google protested against sexual harassment, etc. Today, Amazon employees are objecting to the lack of action of climate change.

Namely, more than 900 employees have already signed the petition and will take part in the demonstration on the 20th of September. This is the first time in the 25-year of history of Amazon that their workers will put off their work and participate in a strike against their company. This demonstration is a part of the general strike that is led by Greta Thunberg and that is taking place on the 23rd of September.

Amazon employees consider that it is important to join the demonstration and support the youth that is organizing this event.

What Amazon employees are asking for?

They have indicated three demands for Jeff Bezos, the company`s CEO. Namely, they want the company to stop funding lobbies and politicians that deny the issue with climate change, commit to zero carbon emissions and to optimize fuel extraction of the fossil by reducing cooperation with gas and oil companies.

In addition, the employees actually want Amazon to reduce the effects of greenhouse gasses emitted in the environment and to reduce fossil fuel usage completely. They consider that drastic action should be done to prevent climate change. One of the employees added that Amazon is one of the leading companies in the world, and it also can be a leader in managing the climate crisis, too.

However, Amazon has established some environmental goals. Namely, Amazon started powering its operations with renewable energy, as well as Apple, Facebook and Google.

Moreover, Amazon does not report its impacts on the environment to CDP, as other world-wide corporations do. However, this year, it will start reporting on the impacts with its own methodology. Their teams will also work on reducing environmental impacts. In addition, the company also announced that it will build wind farms in the next two years.

This workout is not the first action of Amazon employees. The previous year, several former and current employees, who were given stocks as part of compensation, filed a shareholder resolution that would force Amazon to reduce the climate crisis. Even though the resolution did not pass, it helped employees to gain public support and to plan this workout.

The employees, who will take part in the workout, consider that it about 45.000 co-workers support and join the workout; it will force Amazon to take serious action about the climate crisis. Finally, If Amazon takes action in dealing with climate change; it will inspire other corporations to take actions, too.