There are more than 4,000 species of cockroaches on our planet and they are considered as one of the most adaptable living beings which can live literally everywhere.

These insects are frequent visitors in the households and they are usually found around the waste deposits. Their presence in the house is extremely unpleasant due to their disgusting appearance but also because of their tendency to contaminate our food and transmit severe infectious diseases.

Unfortunately, it is really difficult to repel cockroaches, so people are forced to purchase various commercial repellents filled with highly toxic chemicals which do not give the desired effects.

However, there are some natural methods which can help you to get rid of these insects without exposing yourself to the harmful effects of the chemicals found in the commercial repellents.

The first method is to scatter bay leaves in all dark areas in your house, including containers, cabinets, bathroom, kitchen, and pantries. You can also burn a few leaves of this plant since its strong smell acts as a natural repellent.

You can use other herbs too which keep these insects at bay, such as mint, catnip, and garlic.

Another useful method is to mix powdered sugar and boric acid in ratio 1:3. The sugar and the boric acid will kill the cockroaches.

However, make sure you keep it away from places and counters where your children and pets can reach because the boric acid can cause skin irritations. Sprinkle it behind the stove, refrigerator, sink or dishwasher and the cockroaches will never appear again.

Here are some other tips which you may find very effective as well:

• Make sure you clean their hiding places thoroughly and pretty often
• Do not leave food on the counter
• Vacuum the kitchen floor on a regular basis
• Seal up the entry points in your house
• Use disinfectant spray to clean the kitchen countertops
• Keep trash cans clean and outside of your house