According to the research, about 15 billion trees are cut down per year mainly for manufacturing purposes. However, recently, CocoPallet has introduced a new trend in manufacturing.

Namely, CocoPallet uses coconut husks to make pallets. In this way, it saves millions of trees being cut down per year for manufacturing of pallets. Michael Vos, the founder of CocoPallets introduced this idea.

Twenty years before, an Indonesian man has shown a piece of hardboard to Jan Van Dam, a specialist in plant fiber materials. Jan Van had not seen something similar to this hardboard before. The hardboard was not made of trees, but of coconut husks.

Jan Van considered that a lot of coconut husk is wasted in Asia. It is usually left beside the road and then burnt.

Using coconut husks for manufacturing will prevent deforestation, increase farmers` income and prevent climate change and pollution of the environment. Nevertheless, his attempt to pallets of coconut husks was not successful as a result of local circumstances.

Years later, Jan Van advised Michel Vos to use coconut husks instead of wood to make pallets. Vos was amazed by the idea. More than a billion pallets are made in Asia per year. The softwood used was imported from Canada or Eastern Europe. He thought that it would be easier to make pallets of local materials found in Asia.

In addition, pallets made of coconut husks are lighter and cheaper than the traditional ones. They take less space and are easier to stock. Most importantly, they preserve trees and the environment.