A team of 633 divers has entered the ocean waters near the Deerfield Beach in Florida to clean up the debris and trash from the ocean floor.

This was the largest underwater cleanup ever. The staff from the Guinness World Organization was also on the scene to count the divers and verify the milestone.

Michael Empric, who is an adjudicator for Guinness, explained that he has counted off each of the divers that entered the ocean for more than 15 minutes.

Divers who have participated in this event came from different parts of the world, including South America and Europe.

The last record was set by 614 divers who entered the waters of Red Sea in 2015. They were led by a former Egyptian Army scuba diver, Ahmed Gabr.

According to CNN, the divers in Florida have cleaned up 1,626 pounds of trash and managed to recover around 60 pounds of fishing line. However, the number is likely to increase since the crews work on weighing up all of the debris collected from the ocean floor.

We are all familiar with numerous studies revealing shocking information of human population absorbing thousands of plastic particles annually through the air as well as through food. Moreover, the bottled water we are drinking can double the presence of toxins in the human body.

We are also absorbing plastic through clothes. Most synthetic fabrics contain thousand harmful chemicals which prevent our skin to breathe, thus creating a perfect environment for the bacteria to grow and multiply.

Plastic is known to destroy brain development in children and the endocrine system whose function is to control numerous body processes such as metabolism, digestion, fertility, and heart rate.

The most severe diseases caused by exposure to plastic include:

• Kidney diseases
• Asthma
• Liver damage
• Cancer diseases
• Lung cancer
• Nerve and brain damage
• Hypothyroidism
• Weak immunity


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