Diz is a cute dog that has been living with her dad since she was a very young puppy. She loves him a lot, but when he got married, she fell in love with her new mommy as well.

This cute puppy loves both his owners and always makes sure that they’re happy and safe.

Britanny Johnson, Diz’s owner, says that Diz has always been protective of her especially when she’s not with her husband. But when the Diz’s mommy and daddy found out they were having a baby, she noticed it too and would always lay with her head against her mom’s belly. That, however, was only happening for a couple of weeks, and after that, she just ignored her and minded her own business.

That thing also changed. Now Diz suddenly thought that she must be close to her mom all the time. Something inside her must’ve worked on her urge to be next to her mom and baby sister at all times and she never took her eyes off her mom.

One day when Britanny was in the shower, Diz felt that her mom was taking too long in the shower and decided to go in the shower with her. Britanny said that she just sat there next to her until she finished showering.

Very soon Diz is going to have a new baby sister, and she is constantly practicing by never taking her eyes off her mom, so she could be the greatest sister ever.

Source:   The Dodo