Christmas is all about giving special attention to our friends and family to thank them for the amazing time we have spent together and to celebrate joy and love together.

It makes people good and kind to others, especially to those who were deprived of love and kindness throughout the whole year.

Therefore, the staff from the Dogs Trust, the largest dog rescue and rehoming charity in Ireland, donated plenty of gifts to abandoned dogs. And, the most special thing about all this is that they let the dogs pick their gift.

They recorded the joy of the 35 dogs who were being led into a room full of various toys, so you can watch the video below, which will certainly melt your heart.

They were led into the room one by one to choose their favorite toy. Only a few dogs preferred pets and snuggles rather than toys.

The staff did this in 2019 and the dogs’ reactions were priceless and heartwarming, so they decided to repeat the same this year too.

They had arranged the toys on the floor before letting the dogs in and it had been amazing to see those dogs so happy and excited.

This center has been active since 2005. Their main focus is on rescuing abandoned dogs, rehabilitating and rehoming them as well as working towards enabling all dogs a happy life.

Since 2018, around 2,025 dogs have been rehomed and since 2006 more than 119,844 dogs have been neutered.

Currently, around 90 dogs are waiting for rehoming, so if you have been considering the idea of getting a pet, think about the Dogs Trust charity center and check out their lineup.

For some dogs, choosing their favorite toy was a big decision, while the rest were delighted to find it immediately.

Seeing the joy of these dogs makes everyone feel the Christmas spirit in the air and the staff hopes to find them forever homes in 2020.

Source: Dog Trust Ireland