Garlic has amazing benefits and it can control the blood pressure, reduce LDL cholesterol, boost the immune system, prevent neurological degenerative diseases and eliminate many toxins from the body.

It is good for preventing blood clots, treating yeast infections, supporting eye and liver health and also good for treating eczema. People use it on a daily basis in their food for flavor and it is a great natural remedy as well.

Different studies reveal that garlic is efficient natural antibiotic. Its benefits are even more powerful if you consume it on an empty stomach. As bacteria are more vulnerable during this time it is suggested to eat garlic right before breakfast.

Because it is very efficient garlic is used in the alternative medicine for different illnesses including heart problems and hypertension.

What is more it can help the liver and bladder to function properly. Garlic can help you to cure different stomach problems including diarrhea. It can stimulate digestion and appetite and that is why it is one of the main healing foods in the entire world.

Alternative Medicine

People use it in the alternative medicine as garlic is very important for body detox and many experts say that it can prevent many illnesses such as diabetes, depression, and typhus as well as some cancer kinds. Additionally it is said that it can remove parasites and worms.

Other Benefits

Garlic is also great as it can help if you have respiratory diseases. It is able to cure and sometimes prevent bronchitis, asthma, pneumonia, tuberculosis, chronic bronchial catarrhs and many more others.

People who have tuberculosis should eat an entire garlic bulb in a day: raw or maybe slightly browned. It you want the garlic to have a better taste you can make a sauce using egg yolk and oil.

People with bronchial problems should make a special infusion. Take 700 grams of refined sugar, 1000 grams of water, and 200 grams of garlic. In order to make the infusion, first you should boil the water with the garlic. In the end add the sugar. You should take 3 tablespoons daily.

It is also amazing for treating chronic bronchitis. You should take 100 grams of proof alcohol and roughly 40 grams of garlic. Add them in a well-capped bottle and keep them soaked for 5 or 6 days. Afterwards you should strain it and you should drink it every day. You can use the remedy for treating catarrhs and asthma. Add 15 – 30 drops of this solution in a little bit of hot water.

You can also use garlic for external applications. For example you can use it as a poultice for relieving colds or for treating insect or animal stings. Additionally you can use it to remove warts or relieve toothache.

Moreover, you can use garlic to cure constipation, earaches and hemorrhoids. If you have earaches add 1 to 2 drops of garlic juice in the ear. If you have constipation and hemorrhoids make the following remedy. First boil water and garlic and transfer the solution in a container so you can use it as vapor.

The benefits of garlic are endless. Try it now and enjoy the good health.