If you are struggling with belly fat, we offer you a solution to your problem. The plank exercise, which involves all bodily muscles, is one of the most effective exercises for burning belly fat. Stop doing abs workouts and crunches and start doing plank exercises instead.

It is an easy, static exercise, which is not similar to abs workouts and crunches. Even though it includes all bodily muscles, it especially strengthens the upper torso.

Even though it is an easy exercise, it will make you sweat a hundred crunches. It will help you strengthen the muscles within one month.

The plank exercise is divided into 3-week workouts.

How to do the plank challenge:

• 1st week:

During the 1st week, you should remain in a plank position for half a minute. On the 3rd day, hold the plank position for 1 minute.

• 2nd week:

In the 2nd week, you should remain in the plank position for a minute and a half (90 seconds).

• 3rd week:

During the 3rd week, you should stay in the plank position for two minutes and a half.

Doing plank exercises gives your body a workout. Do not stop once you have finished the plank challenge. Keep planking as you can during the day to enjoy its benefits.