There are so many items that we interact with day every day. Most of these items pose serious health risks that we may not be aware of. Different chemicals appear to be safe, yet they accumulate, and after a while, your health starts to deteriorate.

Surprisingly, some of these items are things that you need for modern living. There are many items that you have in your home that may do more harm than good and can cause a myriad of health problems. Here is a list of things that you would be better off without:

Artificial Sweeteners

They are colorful and quite appealing, and most foods and beverages contain these artificial sweeteners. However, they do not have any health benefits and tend to make your body vulnerable to the risk of diabetes. Artificial sweeteners will also disrupt metabolic function, and this will cause obesity and other diseases.

Plastic Bottles and Containers

Plastic containers and bottles contain dangerous chemicals that will affect your endocrine system. As a result, metabolism, reproductive health, and sexual functions are affected. Some of the common health problems that are associated with these containers include hypertension, cancer of the thyroid, prostate, and breast and so many other terminal conditions. Replace the plastic items with glass containers to avoid these problems.

Non-Stick Cookware

Contemporary lifestyle has introduced non-stick pots and pans, which seem to be the way to go. What you may not know is that the coating is made from perfluorooctanoic acid. When you heat your cookware, the fluoride will vaporize, and this is harmful to your family. You should replace the non-stick pots with glass or ceramic cookware.

Antibacterial Detergents

Most people are conscious of their surroundings and will keep on disinfecting their bodies and the environment. However, you should note that this causes more harm than protection. There are some health effects that these soaps cause like promoting the growth of drug-resistant bacteria. There are compounds found in such detergents, like triclosan, which have been proved to alter the regulation of hormones.

Electronic Gadgets

In this day and age, it might be impossible to live without your smartphone or computer. However, you can take precautions in the use of these electronic devices. These devices emit radiation, which is known to pose some health risks like brain cancer. You should take time and detox from these devices once in a while, whereby you can just stroll into the parks and leave the gadget at home.

The Chair

While it may be comfortable to sit and do a whole lot of things on your chair, it is a possible health danger. Prolonged sitting increases obesity and lung cancer. Too much sitting is far more dangerous than second-hand smoking, as far as lung cancer goes. To avoid this, try and stand as much as you can and use your chair, only when it is necessary.

The world is toxic, and you are exposed to so many health risks. It is upon you to try as much as you can, to lead a healthy life by eliminating some of these items that pose serious health dangers.