The number of people suffering from some serious diseases like cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular issues, and osteoporosis is constantly increasing. Due to the severity of these diseases, most doctors disregard the benefits of the natural remedies and advise their patients to use the conventional medical therapy.

The natural remedies are chemical-free and have no side effects at all. They are also cheaper and even more effective than the conventional therapy.

In the article today we are going to discuss the health benefits of alkaline water. It is one of the most beneficial natural remedies that can decrease the number of free radicals in the organism and thus prevent some invasive diseases like cancer.

Here is how you can gain benefit from drinking alkaline water:

1. Purifies the body

Alkaline water acts as an antioxidant and it fights free radicals. In this way, it prevents diseases like cancer which are triggered by free radical damage. It also encourages the toxin removal from the body.

2. Promotes better hydration

Alkaline water has small molecular content which means that the body can easily absorb it. It is also abundant in ionized minerals which promote the blood circulation. As a result, this water can hydrate the body even more efficiently than the everyday tap water.

3. Strengthens the immune system

This water contains plenty of minerals and vitamins which give a boost to your immunity. This, in turn, prevents myriad of diseases which appear when the immune system is compromised.

4. Promotes weight loss

In order to neutralize acidity, the body increases the number of fat cells which eventually results in weight gain. Alkaline water neutralizes the acid in the body, thus reducing fat storage and promoting weight loss.

5. It treats acidosis

Acidosis is a severe condition which causes fatigue, indigestion, and weight gain. It affects your immunity and makes you more susceptible to chronic diseases. Alkaline water can relieve the symptoms and treat this condition by creating alkaline pH environment in the body. According to the scientists, 95% of all cancers have appeared in bodies full of acid.

Moreover, this condition is also associated with other chronic diseases, such as cardiovascular issues, diabetes, and osteoporosis. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to restore the pH environment naturally.

Here is the recipe:


• Ginger root – ¼
• 1 lemon
• Mint leaves – ½ a cup
• Medium cucumber – only a half


Wash the ingredients and cut them into slices. Put them in a jar of water and let them stay during the night. In the morning, strain the mixture and drink one glass on an empty stomach. Drink the rest of the alkaline water throughout the day.

Possible side-effects of consuming alkaline water

Although drinking alkaline water is considered safe, it can trigger some negative side effects which include low stomach acidity and metabolic alkalosis. These conditions may result in nausea, confusion, vomiting, muscle twitching, hand tremors, and tingling in the face or extremities.