Laurel is a shrub with smooth, reddish-brown bark and lanceolate leaves, which have a bitter taste and pleasant smell. These leaves have been used for culinary and medicinal properties for many years.

They have been also used in aromatherapies and herbal treatments for respiratory and skin conditions. Bay leaf oil contains medicinal properties and is used to cure numerous health ailments, too.


You should include laurel leaves in your diet and enjoy the health properties they offer, such as:

1. Improve digestion

Laurel leaves act as a diuretic and stimulate urination, thus promoting detoxification of the body, and as an emetic and stimulate vomiting in cases of intoxification. The active compounds found in laurel leaves are beneficial for relieving irritable bowel syndrome, flatulence, heartburn, upset stomach and reducing the symptoms of celiac disease.

If you suffer from bloating and constipation, in 200 ml of water add 5 grams of bay leaves and a ginger root. Bring the water to a boil. Add honey and consume the tea twice a day to provide the body with instant relief.

2. Treat respiratory issues

Applying laurel leaf oil topically to the chest helps treat various respiratory conditions. Inhaling the vapor can loosen phlegm and get rid of harmful bacteria trapped inside the respiratory tract.

3. Promote hair health

To promote hair growth and eliminate dandruff, you should steep laurel leaves in water and rub them on directly the scalp. The volatile ingredients in laurel leaves help get rid of dandruff and dry skin. You can also use laurel leaf infusion to get rid of dandruff.

4. Improve heart health

Both rutin and caffeic acid found in laurel leaves promote heart health. In addition, rutin enhances the capillary walls in the extremities and the heart, whereas the caffeic acid helps remove bad cholesterol from the cardiovascular system.

The mighty phytonutrients found in laurel leaves protect the body from cardiovascular diseases, like stokes and heart disease. In addition, laurel leaves are loaded with powerful active compounds, such as caffeic acid, rutin, salicylates and phytonutrients, which promote heart health and improve the function of the heart.

5. Reduce the risk of cancer

The combination of organic compounds and antioxidants in laurel leaves, including catechins, phytonutrients, parthenolide and linalool; that have chemo-protective properties, helps prevent free radial damage. Free radicals may cause healthy cells to mutate in tumor cells, which laurel leaves are effective in preventing. Moreover, laurel leaves contain parthenolide, a phytonutrients that effectively hinders the proliferation of cancer cells.

6. Reduce stress and anxiety

Die to their high amount of linalool, laurel leaves reduce the levels of stress hormones in the body. On the contrary, high levels of stress hormones can lead to long-term side effects on the overall health.

7. Treat diabetes

Laurel leaves are closely related to regulated levels of blood sugar and an improved function of the insulin receptor. Consuming laurel leaves on a regular basis helps reduce the risk of diabetes episodes in patients suffering from diabetes type 2, as they reduce blood glucose, triglyceride and cholesterol levels.

8. Alleviate muscle and joint pain

In a bath, add a liter of water with 5 laurel leaves and soak in it for 15 minutes in order to relieve muscle and joint pain.

9. Relieve skin irritations

Due to their powerful antibacterial and antifungal properties, laurel leaves help relieve skin infections. What you need to do is to apply warm compresses directly on the irritations and let them act.

10. Treat infections and common cold

Laurel leaves are beneficial for fighting the symptoms of common cold, flu and infections. If you suffer from respiratory conditions, add 2 – 3 bay leaves to water and bring it to a boil. Steam it for 10 minutes. Then, soak a cloth in the water and apply it directly on the chest to treat cough, flu and common cold. In addition, bay leaves are effective in lowering fever.

11. Treat menstrual problems

When laurel leaves are taken orally, they help regulate menstruation. Moreover, they can cure the vaginal discharge.

12. Promote better sleep quality

Consuming laurel leaves before going to bed promotes better sleep quality. Therefore, in water add a few drops of laurel leaf extract and consume it.

13. Whiten teeth

To whiten the teeth, you should brush them with laurel leaf powder once in three days.

14. Repel insects and mosquitoes

Due to their content of lauric acid, bay leaves act as a powerful insect repellant. Place bay leaves in a dish to keep insects and mosquitoes at a bay. In addition, mix oil and crushed bay leaves and apply the paste on the affected place to relieve bites and stings.

15. Treat kidney issues

Laurel leaves ate beneficial for treating kidney stones and other kidney issues. Therefore, in 200 ml of water add 5 grams of bay leaves and bring the water to a boil. Strain the tea and drink it twice a day. Moreover, it prevents the formation of kidney stones.


You can prepare this laurel leaf tea and enjoy the health benefits it offers.

To prepare the tea, you will need these ingredients:

• Water
• Dried laurel leaves (30 grams)

How to prepare it and use it:

• Bring the water to a boil and then add the laurel leaves.
• Leave it from heat, cover it and let it cool.
• Strain the tea and add sweetener if you want.
• Consume the tea twice a day, in the morning and in the evening, before going to bed.