1. Don’t complicate things.

You aren’t your partner’s servant and they aren’t yours so you need to find how to make things work easier in life. For example, you can set the coffee maker to turn itself on 10 minutes before you get up. Offer some help to your partner when they start doing some chore around the house. Work together to simplify your lives.

2. Prepare an escape from daily life with your partner

Our lives can be pretty stressful especially when you try to find the perfect balance between home and work. A little break would do well to anyone, so try to rent a place where you can go for the weekend or a couple of days just to relax and not think about any of the life’s problems.

3. Express your gratitude to them

If they do something for you, doesn’t matter how small or insignificant it may seem, thank them for it. Thank them for everything they do for you, but don’t just say thank you like you don’t mean it. Feel it deep within you and they will feel it too.

4. Give your partner long and frequent hugs

There have been many studies that show the health benefits of long hugs for both partners – the ones hugging and the ones being hugged. Hugs reduce stress and they generally improve the person’s mood. So hugs should be an important part of every day’s routine.

5. Make little notes for them to read around the house

Write some nice things on some memo pads and stick them everywhere around the house. A warm “I love you” note on the mirror or their drawer would for sure make their day much better. Just a little reminder of your love would bring warmth to their hearts.

Source: Higher Perspectives