When you meet someone for the first time you usually ask yourself whether that person is truly genuine or he/she has fake personality traits. In such cases, we usually rely on our intuition which tells us whether that person has good intentions or not.

However, there are certain characteristics that can help us to differentiate between good and fake people. Next time you meet someone for the first time, focus on these pointers:

1. Look down on all vs. lookout for all

Genuine people are respectful. They respect themselves and everyone else as well. They don’t consider themselves superior or inferior to others.

Fake people, on the other hand, are inferior only to those who have power. They respect them and are selective when it comes to the people they want to communicate with. They usually select people that they can take advantage of.

2. Listening vs. pretending to listen

Genuine people will listen to the problems and difficulties you are struggling with since they empathize with you.

Fake people aren’t interested in your life. They lack empathy and they listen to you only if there is something scandalous or intriguing they can later pass along.

3. Easy to impress vs. hard to impress

It is very hard to impress genuine people. This is because they feel comfortable in their skin and they are not afraid to say what they think.

Fake people are trying to show how impressed they are with others in order to gain favors and likes from their surroundings. Their own value depends on what other people think. So, if they tell you what they think, don’t believe them since it could be a lie.

4. Need recognition vs. being good with who they are

Genuine people do not need recognition for their good and successful deeds. The very fact that they have done something beneficial is enough for them.

Fake people need recognition. They want other people to admire their abilities and praise their accomplishments.

5. Need the lime-light vs. being comfortable in the shadows

Genuine people enjoy their own company. They are independent but they also enjoy being surrounded by like-minded people.

Fake people, on the other hand, want to be in the spotlight. They are attention-seekers and they think that the whole world revolves around them.

6. Boasting vs. humility

Genuine people keep their achievements for themselves. They are humble and they don’t feel the need to show off their success.

Fake people seek applause and validation from everyone. They don’t miss any opportunity to boast about what they have done or at least what they have tried to do.

7. Behind your back vs. to the face

Genuine people are honest and straightforward. They will tell you everything they want right into your face. They will express their opinion without any ulterior motives.

Fake people love to gossip. They will say something in your face but they will act differently behind your back.

8. Words vs. actions

Genuine people do their best to fulfill the promises they have made. They work twice as hard in order to ensure they are doing the right thing.

Fake people, on the other hand, speak a lot. They give bad excuses for not doing what they have promised to do. However, if the deed meets their agenda, they will do anything to fulfill their promises.

9. False praise vs. honest opinion

Honesty is something that only genuine people possess. You may not like their comment on your new hairstyle, new dress, work ethics and etc, but you shouldn’t take it personally, since that’s only their honest opinion.

Fake people, on the other hand, will never tell you what they think about your job or physical appearance. On the contrary, they will praise everything you do in order to get your acceptance and validation. However, they often criticize others to make them feel bad.

10. Selfish motives vs. unconditional help

Genuine people help unconditionally. Their empathy enables them to understand your problems in depth.

Fake people give false promises and do nothing to help you. Their motives are selfish, but if something meets their agenda, they will help you so that they can boast for a lifetime about their deed.