Nowadays, there are a lot of misconceptions about beauty and attractiveness. Most people believe it is all about having a toned body and a beautiful face, as well as wearing fancy and expensive clothes. Beauty is much more than that.

Everyone seems to overlook all the positive character traits and qualities that make you look beautiful and attractive even more than your physical appearance.

Here is how to make yourself look beautiful in the true sense of the word:

1. Be aware of your self-worth

Having high self-esteem is always attractive and it makes you less sensitive to other people’s opinions. You know your value and all your qualities, talents, strengths and skills. Being beautiful without having confidence and a strong attitude, makes your beauty meaningless.

2. Accept yourself for who you are

The first step to gain self-confidence is to accept yourself for who you are. It means accepting all your weaknesses, annoying habits, insecurities, clumsiness, and fears. Make sure you learn that all these imperfections do not define you because they are just normal character flaws that all people possess.

3. Live in the present moment

Make sure you are focused on the present moment. Stop thinking about all your failures and mistakes from the past and don’t worry too much about your future because it may affect your mental state which in turn can make you look less beautiful and attractive.

4. Take care of yourself

Taking care of your body doesn’t only involve regular physical activity. It also means consuming healthy food and dealing with all stressful situations in your life. Most diseases and health issues are psychosomatic which means they have been caused by some stress factors.

5. Appreciate the little things in your life

Be grateful for what you have and learn how to see the wonders of life in the little things. That is how you will maintain true happiness.

6. Having a sense of humor

Being funny and having a good sense of humor will make you instantly more attractive. We all love being surrounded by positive people who can make everyone laugh. Make sure you are one of them.

Source: I Heart Intelligence   Bustle