All children love their grandparents because they are capable of unconditional love, care, and, tenderness. Even if they are not alive, they continue to live in their grandchildren’s hearts.

Our grandparents see us growing up, therefore, as a fact of life, we must see them age and leave this world. For most children, the death of a grandparent is the first farewell they have to face.

This is very painful because grandchildren have an extremely strong and special bond with their grandparents, bond based on love, appreciation, and respect.

As a result, the death of a grandparent can have a huge impact on children’s lives and it is usually something difficult to deal with.

It is a privilege to have a grandparent that will be a part of your life until you reach adulthood.
Little children do not understand the magnitude of the loss, so they are unable to understand what has happened to their grandparents after they die. And this makes their death less painful.

However, adults should explain to their children what death means. They should tell the truth without using some metaphors like ″your granddad/grandma is just resting″ or ″they are with the angels now″.

If you try to explain the death from a religious standpoint, make sure not to overburden your children with too much information. Instead, focus on their feelings and emotions, and speak openly and freely about death. Soon enough, the children will understand their real meaning.

According to the experts, avoid phrases that may confuse your children. If they face the death of a loved one for the first time, explain to them that they will no longer see their grandparent, but they should learn to remember them with love.

Another important thing you should keep in mind is your need for emotional release. You mustn’t hide your grief to prevent your children from seeing you in pain because in this way you teach them to do the same. It may even trigger emotional issues later in their lives. Therefore, feel free to cry in front of your children and let your emotions out.

Also, pay more attention to the way your children express their pain. They need some time to understand and accept the death of their grandparent. As a result, you can see their grief and pain in their unusual behavior, for example, some children may suffer in silence, while others may become aggressive. Pay attention to their drawings since they express their deepest thoughts and feelings. Moreover, some of them may even experience nightmares and bedwetting.

Remember that grandparents are always present

Grandparents never die because they continue to live in our hearts. They are always present in those places where you used to spend time together as a family. They are also present in the things they have made, such as a piece of furniture, a dress, or anything else that was made by them.

Make sure you keep and cherish those mementos. The stories they told you and the wisdom they shared will be always there to guide you.

Although you may not see or hear them anymore, their love and care will last forever. This is a kind of love that goes beyond any explanation. It’s like an eternity and you can’t forget it. However, the most important of all is to share the appreciation, love, and care your grandparents taught you. In this way, you will honor their memory and show that you have learned a valuable lesson from them.