Even though ants are harmless insects nobody likes seeing them inside their house because they can get into the food or damage the plants and the property.

The most common types of ants that you may find in your house are acrobat, carpenter, pharaoh, odorous, and pavement house ants.

It is really difficult to deal with these insects and many people are forced to purchase commercial pesticides full of chemicals that can be very harmful.

So, in order to reduce the risk of harming your pets, plants, and family members, make sure you use natural ingredients only. Natural alternatives may take more time to show the desired effects, but they are more efficacious, cheaper, and free of toxins and chemicals.

How to keep ants at bay?

These insects have a very strong sense of smell and they love sugary foods. Therefore, do not leave unprotected food on your kitchen countertop or cupboards.

Ants can even smell the sugar on empty cans of soda, so before throwing these containers, make sure you wash them first.

To remove ants from your house we recommend you use the following natural ingredients:

  • Cinnamon

Ants that invade houses hate the scent of cinnamon. Add cinnamon essential oil to water and soak a cloth in the solution. Use it to wipe the areas in your house where you see ants. Do this once daily until you completely get rid of them.

  • Vinegar

Ants cannot stand the scent of vinegar as well. Mix water and distilled vinegar in a 1:1 ratio and pour the solution into a spray bottle. Then, add some lemon oil. Before use, shake the bottle and spray the mixture onto the areas in your house where you see ants.

  • Borax

In a container put peanut butter, borax, sugar, and water. Mix them well and cover the container with a lid. Then, poke it with a sharp object and make a few holes on both sides. In this way, you will prevent your pets and children from having contact with the borax. Ants will enter the container through the holes and take the food back to their nest to share it with the other ants. This will kill them immediately.

  • Peppermint

Ants hate the strong smell of peppermint because it prevents them from detecting other food scents.
Pour a cup of water into a spray bottle and add 10 drops of peppermint oil to it. Shake it well before use and spray it on those places where you see ants very often. You can use dried peppermint as well. Sprinkle it around doors, entryways, and garbage areas.

  • Powdered sugar and baking soda

The mixture of powdered sugar and baking soda will destroy these invaders. The sugar attracts them, while baking soda kills them. Combine these two ingredients in a 1:1 ratio and place the mixture in those areas where you notice ants.

  • Chalk

Another useful way to get rid of ants is to use chalk. Ants cannot stand the scent of calcium carbonate in it. Therefore, scatter powdered chalk around your house to get rid of them.

  • Lemon

Ants hate the scent of lemon. So, in order to eliminate them completely, scatter small slices of lemon peel around your house. You can also squeeze lemon juice on the windowsills and door thresholds.