There is no real guidebook for parenting. It is like asking for a manual for living life. Yes, there are heaps and heaps of books and lectures on how to address a certain problem or phase but you never know if you did it right.

You question your skillset, you trust your gut but you don’t know if your efforts are successful. And Being a parent is a non-stop job, you are never off the clock.

As it happens kids soak up everything even when we are not paying attention, so they get the most important values and life lessons, not from schooling them but by watching you cope with challenges and everyday life.

Yet you never know how they perceive it and at a certain point, they are their people with formed character own ideas and way of thought, which you can not influence anymore. Nobody stops parenting or worrying but there is an extent to which you can participate in your children’s lives.

So when occasions arise, there is no better feeling than realizing that you did a good job, that your kids have become beautiful people.

Kind, smart, loving people. A sense of peace and contentment overflows every worry and wrinkle they ever made or caused you to make and just makes it all worth your while, to know that all of you are instilled in them even the things that you lacked but you wished they had.

A true circle of life and evolution leaves you filled with warmth and pride, knowing that your kids are your best and most treasured legacy.

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