Usually, when someone mentions St John’s-wort, people think of the yellow wort flower. It is a famous herb, and it has been used since ancient times. It was one of the most famous natural remedies for fighting depression, fatigue, and anxiety.

The compresses made of tea from St John’s-wort and St John’s-wort oil are used externally for healing wounds, cuts, hemorrhoids, burns, and insect stings. In traditional medicine, tea from St John’s-wort was used as a remedy for treating stomach, gut, and bile diseases since this tea was able to protect the mucous membranes of these organs.

Therefore, regular consumption of tea made from St John’s-wort will help you with gastritis, gastric ulcer, and bile inflammation.

Because of the bitter substances it contains, St John’s-wort can improve digestion and improve your appetite as well. This tea is also recommended for diarrhea, colitis, and enterocolitis. His regular consumption can help with problems with veins and capillaries because it can prevent bleeding.

St John’s-wort Tea For Unstable Sleep

Take one teaspoon of St John’s-wort (it is better to use dried) and cover it with 200 ml. of boiling water. Leave it to steep, strain it, and drink it 2 to 3 times a day before your meal.

St John’s-wort Oil for Treating External Wounds, Sunburns, And Pain In The Spine

In a glass bottle filled with 800ml of olive oil, add ten tablespoons of St. John’s wort. Close the bottle and leave it to sit for 30 days in a warm place. After 30 days, strain the oil and use it to rub on the painful area.

The same oil can be used internally against stomach ulcers and against all inflammatory diseases. You can use it internally by swishing it in your mouth or drinking one tablespoon before breakfast and at night before going to bed. After taking the oil, you should drink one tablespoon of lemon juice. This therapy lasts one month.

St John’s-wort Tea For Treating Gastritis

In 1.5 liters of boiled water, add three tablespoons of St John’s-wort and one tablespoon of nettle and sage. Leave it to stand in a covered bowl for 90 minutes, strain it, and drink 200ml three times a day before and after your meals.

St John’s-wort Tea Against Helicobacter

Make a mixture of 40 grams of St John’s-wort, 20 grams of thyme, and 30 grams of flaxseed. Put one tablespoon of the mixture in 600 ml of cold water. After half an hour, place it on the stove and bring it to a boil. Remove from the heat and strain it. Drink 200 ml, 2 to 3 times a day.

St John’s-wort Tea For Treating Stomach Diseases

Make a mixture of 35 grams of St John’s-wort, 35 grams of marigold, 30 grams of mint leaves, 30 grams of lemon balm, 30 grams of dried dill, 20 grams of dried chamomile, and 20 grams of mountain tea. Take two tablespoons of the mixture and cover it with 500ml of boiling water. Leave it to steep for 15 minutes, strain it, and drink the tea during the day, taking small sips 30 minutes before your meal.