If you and your colleagues do not have a Christmas tree at work, but you want to put on some decorations, here are some ideas of fitting and creative Christmas trees.

Moreover, you can use some of these ideas in your home, too. The photos below show that everything can be turned into a Christmas tree.

1. A special Christmas tree in a public Library (Poland)

2. A bell-pepper Christmas tree in a farm

3. A Christmas tree made of Royal Guide dogs

The impact on the environment is another reason why people hesitate to put a Christmas tree. They doubt whether to get a real Christmas tree or an artificial one.

4. A Christmas tree at a deployed place

5. A Christmas tree in my Lab

6. A shoe-Christmas tree at the English National Opera (London Coliseums)

Real Christmas trees provide you with all the benefits of oxygen in comparison to the artificial one, so it is recommended to get a real tree.

However, you do not want to cut a tree down, you can make a tree with the things that you already have.

7. A Christmas tree made of sheets of glass

8. A bacteria-Christmas tree made in the Lab

9. A Christmas tree in a Supermarket

10. A Christmas tree made of 100 Umbrellas

11. A special Christmas tree made be a farmer

12. A Christmas tree in a gas company

13. A Christmas tree in a clothes shop

14. Decorations for a Christmas tree in my IT department

15. A Christmas tree made of latex gloves

16. A Christmas tree made of pizzas

17. A Christmas tree made of bananas (Canary Islands)

18. A Christmas tree made of monitors

19. A Christmas tree created of encyclopedias in the University

20. A Christmas trees made of bicycle gears in a bike store


Source/photos: BoredPanda