In order to be used as a medicine, the raspberry fruit and leaves are picked up during ripening. The raspberry leaves are dried in a cool and well-lighted place. Raspberries are beneficial for the heart and the blood vessels.

Due to their high content of fiber, raspberries enhance the function of the intestine and prevent the development of cancer in the colon. Raspberries are recommended for people who are suffering from diabetes, kidney issues, and rheumatism.

The raspberry leaves are used for preparing teas, which are beneficial for reducing throat and intestine inflammation, treating diarrhea and skin issues, improving the function of the heart, and stimulating the immune system.

According to people’s experiences, due to the cooling effects of raspberries, they are used to reduce body inflammation, too. Raspberry tea also helps regulate painful menstrual cycles and menopause symptoms.

Raspberry Tea Cleanses The Blood

Mix 50 grams of dried raspberry leaves, 50 grams of dried blackberry leaves, and 50 grams of dried forest fruit leaves. In a bowl, put a teaspoon of this mixture and pour 250 ml of hot water over it. Cover the bowl and let it stay for 10 minutes. Drink the tea during the day.

Raspberry Shake Recipe For Refreshing The Body

Mix 60 grams of fresh raspberries, a banana, a few spinach leaves, and several ice cubes. Blend the mixture in a blender and add orange juice. Blend it again. Drink it when needed, particularly during the summer days, when the body needs to be refreshed.

Raspberries help treat pressure ulcers

In a bowl, mix three teaspoons of chopped raspberry leaves, three teaspoons of chopped blackberry leaves, and three teaspoons of chopped plantain leaves. Pour 200 ml of olive oil over the mixture. Then, cook the mixture on low heat until you get the paste. Place it in food storage containers and let it cool. Apply compresses to the affected places three times a day.

Before applying the compresses, make sure you cleanse the affected place with chamomile tea. Repeat the procedure for five days.