The skin is a sensitive organ and many people have problems that are related to it, such as skin breakouts, moles, clogged pores or skin tags and usually they appear as a result of hormonal imbalances and bad lifestyle habits.

Different skin care products that can be bought in the stores contain a lot of dangerous chemicals and this means that it is best option to start trying natural solutions for solving the skin problems.

We present you the most common skin problems and the best natural remedies for them:

• Warts

They are small bumps appearing on the skin and appear because of the HPV virus. The best way to solve them is freezing and salicylic acid.


Take a little bit of honey and rub it on the wart. Cover it with a bandage and do this until it is gone.


Take banana peel and rub it over the wart for 14 days.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Take a cotton ball and dip it in the apple cider vinegar. Apply a bandage over it and leave it overnight. In the morning replace it. Do this again.


Take a garlic clove and crush it. Apply it on the wart and apply a bandage over it.

• Moles

They are also known as melanocytes or skin pigmentation cells and can appear among adults and children. They appear because of sun exposure and genetics.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Dip a cotton ball in apple cider vinegar and place it on the mole, securing it with a bandage. Leave it for 8 hours. The mole will be gone.


First you want to apply petroleum jelly or you can also use masking tape in order to protect the skin. Take a garlic clove, rub it on the mole and secure it with a bandage. It should act for 4 hours. Do this on a daily basis.

Baking soda and Castor Oil

Combine baking soda and castor oil to make a paste and apply it over the mole. Use a bandage to secure it and in the morning wash it off. Do this every night.

• Skin Tags

They are growths that appear on surface of the skin, mostly on the eyelids, but they can appear around the upper chest, neck and underarms. They reason for their appearance is because of skin rubbing against your skin. They can be removed by cutting, freezing and tying off.


Take a ginger piece and rub it on the skin tags every day for 7 to 8 minutes. It is going to fall in 14 days.

Tea Tree Oil

In a little bit of water add couple drops of tea tree oil. Soak a cotton ball in it and place it over the skin tag. Cover it with a bandage. Do this couple of times in a day for 30 days.

Castor oil and Baking Soda

Make a paste of these 2 ingredients and apply the paste on the skin tag. Use a bandage to cover it and leave it for 48 hours.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Take a cotton ball and dip it in apple cider vinegar. Dab the cotton ball on the skin tag and leave it on. The skin tag will fall off.

• Clogged Pores

Oil buildup will clog the pores. This is the reason why they look bumpy.


First you want to wash your face. Place a towel over the head and place it above a pot filled with boiled water. Stay there for 10- 15 minutes. Once you are done, clean the extra debris using apple cider vinegar.

Sugar Scrub

Combine sugar and lemon juice and using an organic cotton washcloth rub the area using circular motions. Wash your face, using warm water.

• Dark Spots

Dark spots or age spots are caused because of an aging liver or a sun exposure. They are discolored patches, and they can be found on the hands, face and the forearms.

Aloe Vera

Take fresh Aloe Vera gel and place it on the dark spot to act for 30 minutes.


Take a cotton ball, soak it in a little bit of lemon juice and rub the darks spot, 2 times in a day.


Take a little bit of blended onion or onion juice and apply it in the area. It should act for 10 – 15 minutes. In the end wash the area.


Combine apple cider vinegar and horseradish. Apply this mixture over the dark spot.

Vitamin C Serum

Hand- made, organic vitamin C serums without chemicals are high in vitamin C that is topically active and they can help you to repair any skin damage and also will eliminate dark spots.