In the course of our life, we go through various experiences which bring new people into our life. Since these experiences can vary and be equally bad as they are good, the people who enter our lives through these experiences can also be good and bad.

Actually, it is very difficult to predict whether these people are good-natured or the contrary. It takes time to determine what is the real personality of the people we meet and become directly or indirectly part of our life.
However, faith should not be lost since there are certain signs which can help us in seeing the true or fake personalities of the people we meet.

We are all aware that fake people can leave an impression of nice people, in the beginning, allowing you to feel comfortable with their companion and share your deepest secrets through long conversations with them.

However, in the end, they turn out to be toxic since their aim is to expose you and talk behind your back. These people will always keep you company only because they want to gossip about other people. This means that they do this with other people and the focus of their discussion will be you.

Fake people want to feel important and therefore, they want to be your priority, the center of your attention. Otherwise, they may get angry at you. By making you feel bad they actually feel good. Their ego is huge and they always see themselves as the best at everything always trying to win no matter what.

They do not care if they hurt you and enjoy insulting you. The only respect they have is for powerful people and the reason behind it is that they can benefit from them. Being desperate for attention they constantly talk about their successes and achievements.

Since these people can become or already are part of someone’s life, the best thing to do is to try and avoid their presence i.e. limit the time you spend with them.

Also, you need to try and ignore their annoying behavior in order to avoid “exploding” when you are with them. However, if they insult you, you should always point that out and show them their place. Being extremely cautious is the best way to protect yourself from fake people.

If this simply does not work, then you can tell them that you seek genuine and true friends in your life. By pointing out that you need people who will spend the time with you and accept your weaknesses and strengths without judging or competing you may make the fake people understand that friendship is important i.e. that it is important to have a friend who can forgive and forget, a friend who can accept our choices and decisions, a friend who will keep us safe.