The lack of sleep affects our work productivity negatively, and even though we try to reduce these negative effects by consuming a few cups of coffee per day, having a nap, according to the experts, is the best way to become energized and return to work.

According to Ph.D. Sara Mednick, a sleep expert, a 20-minute nap increases body alertness and performance and recharge the mind and the body. The lack of sleep is a serious health issue that can have negative effects on stress, mood, mental clarity, metabolism, blood pressure, and memory. Moreover, it can be a symptom of more serious health issues, such as obesity or even Alzheimer’s.

At some workplaces, like Huffington Post, NASA, Google, Inc, White & Case, the directors have already introduced short napping for their employees at the offices. They even claim that employees could not work effectively without having a nap. It helps them to increase their productivity and positivity.

Here are some tips in order to get all the benefits of naps:
– Set an alarm: Have a nap at the same time every day, less than 20 minutes, as longer naps can make you feel drowsy.
– Switch off your mobile phone;
– Never take a nap before bedtime, as it can interrupt your nighttime routine;
– Cover your head with a sleep mask: Never try to sleep in a noisy or light environment, as light can cause headaches.

In addition, there is an innovation by Thanko, a Japanese tailor, who invented the popular ”Lay Flat Office Chair” that transforms into an office flatbed. It looks like a regular office chair. This chair can definitely improve your nap at the workplace. You can order it from a Japanese website or Amazon for about 600$.