A lot of people enjoy gardening, but many of them don’t realize that there are flowers that bloom during the night. Starting your night garden is a peaceful experience and a nice way to connect with nature. You can plant these beautiful flowers near your windows, so you can feel their relaxing fragrances when you sleep.

Most of the plants that bloom during the night are white and they reflect the moonlight in a very special way. If you want to replicate the shape of the moon, plant them in that way and combine them with someday bloomers that have silver foliage.

Here are some flowers that you can combine:

Night flowers

The Moonflower – The name of this flower says it all. When it is daytime, the small white flowers close up and during the night they bloom and release a nice slightly citrusy fragrance.

The Evening Primrose is a flower that spreads on the ground quite fast. It has softly pink flowers that open at sunset and have a sweet scent.

The Night Phlox – This flower also blooms at sunset and it has a soft vanilla fragrance.

The Evening Stock – They are really small flowers but the fragrance that they release is heavenly.

The Angel Trumpet – This is a vine that spreads fast and has a trumpet-like flower.

The Night Gladiolus aren’t night bloomers but the scent that they have is one of the strongest ones.

Here is a timelapse of the blooming phase of a moonflower:

Some silver and white flowers that bloom during the day are: Silver Thyme, Dusty Millers, Lamb’s Ears, Mugwort, Silver Sage. Other herbs that are believed to be connected with the moon are Camphor, Jasmine, Eucalyptus, Moonwort, Gardenia, Willow, Sandalwood, Water Lily, and Sleepwort.

Some ways you can use your moon plants

There are many things you can do with your flowers that bloomed under the light of the moon. Some of them you can dry and turn them into charms of all sorts, you can also make candles, use them in a nice relaxing bath, or make incense to increase your concentration and wisdom.

Source: EducateInspireChange