The ability of your mind to accept the pain and even learn from it means you are capable of forgiving. Forgiveness helps your soul to heal on its own and move on.

When someone you trusted the most breaks your heart, you should learn how to turn that agony into a valuable lesson. Moving on requires tremendous strength and it isn’t easy at all because the pain and the wounds of betrayal will always be there.

That’s why you have to learn to forgive, no matter how unbearable the pain is.

Forgiveness is what your soul needs. That’s the only way to outgrow the pain and heal on your own. It will help you to grow both emotionally and spiritually.

No matter how hard it may seem, it will eventually help you to find the freedom your soul has been craving for so long.

The first step towards forgiveness is to understand that it isn’t something completely impossible. It is possible but also mandatory if you want to free yourself from the emotional burden.

The next step is to find the courage to forgive. You should consciously choose to forgive. Once you do that you will be ready to accept the consequences of feeling confused and angry. But you need to do that for the sake of your mental health.

Finally, to forgive you must understand the origin of what has made the other person hurt you.

The key is to show empathy for them. It may be at the same time the hardest thing you will ever do, but also the best thing that you could do to invest in your general well-being.

The power of forgiveness will give you the courage to overcome all obstacles and teach you not to give up.
Forgiving others is one thing, but forgiving yourself may seem more challenging and even more painful.

All in all, forgiveness will eventually increase your feelings of optimism, happiness, and hopefulness. It prevents depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

It also leads to healthier relationships, better mental health, lower blood pressure, stronger immunity, better heart health, and higher self-esteem.