Have you ever wanted to have a cute fantasy pet? I know you have. There’s an artist in Malaysia that draws these cute baby animals and digitally brings them to life into our world.

The artist Yee Chong who makes these images has more than 93k followers on his Instagram page and when you see how adorable they are, you would wish they were real so you could keep one. His favorite character is this adorable fox.

Here are some of his images that feature all these cute creatures.

In an interview, the artist Yee Chong said that before this his job used to be a graphic designer, but he wasn’t satisfied with the salary, so after 5 years of work he decided to quit and became a freelancer. He didn’t have any intentions or plans for this project to be as huge as it is.

With his first drawings, he exclaimed that he was just practicing and experimenting with how shadows and lights work, but a lot of people reacted positively to the drawings so he decided to continue making them.

He said that he is flattered and surprised at the community’s positive feedback and that it motivates him to go on and make even more of his cute creatures.

He also said that he lived alone in an apartment where pets aren’t allowed so his little animals were like the digital pets that keep him company.

He promises to go on making new drawings as long as people like them and they help make someone’s day better.

He even has plans to make some of his cute animals animated, so go follow his Instagram if you don’t want to miss any cuteness.

Yee Chong puts his little drawn creatures in everyday situations and they can be seen in many different moods and with different expressions. They react and act much like any pet would.

Drawn in his recognizable style they appear in various scenarios, such as playing with stuff, being in places they shouldn’t be, annoying their owners and many more. Look how full of emotions their cute faces are.


Source/photos: Art_of_Silverfox – Instagram