It is certain that Japanese people have very effective alternative natural medicine. According to Japanese alternative medicine every finger on our hands is related to two organs from our body and they can be used for different treatments.

This Japanese technique is going to help you to treat and deal with different health problems by using your fingers. The name of the technique is Jin Shin Iyutsu. Every finger keeps us well balanced and healed.

Actually, it is a method that includes every finger and the procedure is simple to do. You will have to massage the fingers in the hands, taking deep breaths. It acts by stimulation of certain body points and achieving balance which is very important for emotional and physical health of every human being.

It is important to hold the specific finger for 2 to 5 minutes and take deep breaths. Afterwards, you should massage both fingers on the hands.

This is information on the connection between the fingers and the organs

Thumb – stomach and spleen. It can help with nervousness, skin problems, headaches, stomach pain, depression and anxiety.

Index finger –kidneys and bladder. It can help with tooth and back pain, digestion, fear, muscle pain, discontent and confusion.

Middle finger –lungs and large intestine. It can help with breathing problems, sadness, pessimism, skin problems and digestion.

Ring finger – large intestinal tract and lungs. It can help for bad emotions and releasing negative energy.

Pinkie – heart and small intestines. It can help with cardiovascular problems, throat pain, anxiety, bones and self-confidence.

Try it out and see how this amazing technique will help you as well.