Joshua Beckford, now 13 years old, was the youngest student with autism who has attended Oxford University, dreaming that he would become a neurosurgeon one day.

Recently, he has been listed in the most remarkable people with autism who have impacted society.

Knox Daniel, Joshua`s dad, realized that his son possesses unique capabilities while he was sitting in front of his computer. Later, at the age of 3, Joshua learned Japanese and could speak and read fluently.

In 2011, Knox heard that there was a specific learning program for children with autism at the age of 8 – 13 at Oxford University. Even though Joshua was younger, his father tried to get admission for him at the university.

Luckily, Joshua got the chance to be the youngest student who attended university. Joshua took courses in history and philosophy and passes both of them.

Because Joshua was keen on the history of Egypt, he started working on a book about ancient nations. Besides his academic achievements, Joshua helps to promote the challenges that the autistic society and black minority face in order to obtain services and support they need. He also collects money for 3 autism charities in the UK and Africa and promotes campaigns for protecting the environment.

Known as one of the most brilliant boys in the world, Joshua also creates presentations on Human Anatomy at charity events.

His father says that it is challenging to parent a child with autism. Joshua cannot stand loud noise and always eats and drinks from his own plate and cup.