Nowadays, people often face weight problems due to their fast, stressful lifestyle and lack of time for relaxation. As a result, they decide to lead a healthy lifestyle by employing special diet tools to reach their desired aim.

One of the most helpful diet plans is the Ketogenic Diet designed by Dr. Geyelin back in the 1920s. This diet is also known as Low-Carb Diet and it is based on reduced carb intake. Dr.Geyelin found a link among lower cholesterol levels, body fat, controlled hunger and blood glucose levels control.

It has been concluded that this diet stimulates the production of ketones in the liver which enables the body to use the same as energy. More precisely, the body enters a ketosis stage when it learns how to melt accumulated fat.

This diet eliminates the consumption of sugar and is a 7-day diet. However, before making this dietary change it is best to consult your doctor. Nevertheless, many patients who have tried this diet find it fascinating with positive effects on their general health.

Day 1 – breakfast: tomato, bacon and eggs;

lunch: chicken with feta cheese salad;
dinner: meatballs with cheddar cheese and vegetables.

Day 2 – breakfast: tomato with basil and goat cheese, eggs;

lunch: smoothie with cocoa, almond milk and peanut butter;
dinner: meatballs with cheddar cheese on top and vegetables.

Day 3 – breakfast: keto milkshake;

lunch: prawns cooked in olive oil and sliced fresh avocado on top ;
dinner: pork chops sprinkled with parmesan cheese and raw broccoli salad.

Day 4 – breakfast: onion and pepper omelette with spices and avocado;

lunch: guacamole, nuts and salsa celery;
dinner: stuffed chicken with cheese and steamed vegetables.

Day 5 – breakfast: tomato and cheese omelette;

lunch: day before leftovers;
dinner: egg salad and mushrooms.

Day 6 – breakfast: ham and vegetable omelette;

lunch: ham, cheese and nuts ;
dinner: beef steak with egg salad.

Day 7 – breakfast: eggs with mushrooms and bacon;

lunch: cheese hamburger with salsa and guacamole
dinner: beef steak with egg salad