Some kids with Down syndrome got dressed as their favorite Disney characters and their photos are extremely popular all over the internet.

Nicole Louise Perkins is an assistant at a special needs secondary school but she loves to take photos as a hobby.

Chloe Lennon is six years old and she loves Merida from the movie “Brave”.

Nicole Louise Perkins loves to work with kids with special needs, and she has created many campaigns for awareness in which she features kids with Down syndrome, one of those campaigns is called “Down Right Beautiful”.

This is Angelo S. dressed as little Simba from “The Lion King” and he is only two years old.

In her campaign, every kid that was participating had a page of their own with their story and some advice that the parents have for other parents that have kids that have recently been diagnosed with Down syndrome.

This is six-year-old Lauren Rusler dressed up as Elsa from “Frozen”.

Nicole Louise has made thirty-two photo shoots each featuring a child with Down syndrome and they look fabulous according to her.

The response was so great with all of them that she decided to do this one Disney-themed. She felt that there was something magical about Disney and it would fit perfectly.

Six-year-old Jensen Pointon is the Beast transformed into a prince from “Beauty and the Beast”.

Nicole has been posting these Disney-themed photos for a couple of weeks now and one got popular with over 40k shares on Facebook.

She hopes that his project will help raise awareness for Down syndrome and it will show people that it is not scary and that people with Down syndrome live the same lives as everyone, on top of that she thinks that they make the lives of those around them much happier.

This is Holly Allan, 10, dressed as Belle from “Beauty and the Beast”.

Maryam El-Khamisi is as fabulous as Jasmine from “Aladdin”.

Nicole stated that she has received many positive comments from people saying that these images made them happier.

She also said that all the messages she gets are dear to her but she felt especially touched by one personal message of a woman saying how her opinions have changed about having a baby with Down syndrome, which was the main point of the whole campaign.

Reenacting the poison apple scene from Snow White is two years old Dorothy Mason.

Nicole said that it is a lovely feeling knowing that she has reached to so many people after getting more than fourteen million views on Facebook, one person even hung a calendar featuring these Down with Disney images in his tattoo shop.

Abdullah Adnan, 2, dressed as Aladdin.

Source/photos:   Nicole Louise Photography