It seems so difficult to be yourself in a world where social media has an overwhelming influence over every single person, especially the young generation. To fit in, most people try to change themselves and pretend they are someone else.

Life is too short to live fake lives and become someone we are not. Impressing others is a waste of time and energy because regardless of what you do and who you are people will always judge you.

When you don’t fit in, you start asking yourself if there is something wrong with you. Unfortunately, many people let the number of likes they get on Instagram or Facebook determine how good their crafts or outfits are. If they don’t get the desired number of likes on social media, it seems like their outfit or craft isn’t good enough.

You mustn’t let other people keep you from being yourself. Even the so-called “influencers” you admire a lot on social media have their own “influencers” too.

The posts on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter that get the most likes are based on other posts that haven’t been shared on social media. So, if you are modeling your personality and behavior around what social media determines is “right” or “wrong”, you are trying to live a life that doesn’t exist.

Life is too short to worry about what other people think of you. Don’t let yourself become a second-rate version of someone else. Instead, do your best to become a first-rate version of yourself. The people you follow and admire on social media aren’t perfect as well.

There are only a perfect angle and a perfect place to take a photo that fakes an ideal life. These people perfectly know how to influence others by using the illusionary world of social media. They just pretend they live a perfect life, and some of them are highly paid for it.

Once you understand this, your admiration for these “fake” people will disappear. Make sure you set your own rules and define your style.

And remember that life is too short to pretend you are someone else. Copying someone else’s life will suppress who you truly are. You should find peace in being alone as it may help you to let go of the necessity of social approval.

Work on yourself and do what you love. Don’t do anything others expect from you. Keep doing only the things that make you happy.  ||  Creative Healthy Family