Aubrey, a little girl, had to put off gymnastics and support her brother, who was diagnosed with acute leukemia in 2018. At the age of three, she had to put off a lot of things, but she never complained about it.

She was aware that her brother was very sick and was not able to play with her in the backyard. Recently, a photo of Aubrey and her little brother, loaned over a toilet with his sister beside him, went viral on Facebook with more than 30.000 shares.

Kaitlin Burge, her mother, shared a striking photo she took of her children in the toilet to show the importance of family. It showed how Aubrey comforted his brother while he threw up.

credit: Kennedy News and Media

Even though she was with her brother when the doctors gave him medications, she was not sure what was happening. She only knew that her brother was sick and could not play with her.

Burge stated that they took Aubrey with them in the hospital so that she could be with her brother. Children need to be together and should not be separated when a close member of the family is sick. They are very close and Aubrey takes care of him.

Aubrey is always beside her brother. She is in the toilet to give him water when he throws up. She even wants to help her parents to sort the medications.

Even though they have separate rooms, they insist on sleeping together. She helps him to put on pajamas and gives him snacks.

Aubrey is 5-year old now and is going to school. She thought her brother how to hold a pencil and write homework, as he has never been to a school.

Beckett’s therapy is going fine and his treatment will continue until 2021.

Source: The Sun, Today