Think about doing your morning workout but at the same time providing power for your house for the entire day until your next workout tomorrow.

That is pretty amazing. Manoj Bhargava from India invented a bicycle that you can ride for just 60 minutes and it will provide power for your home for the next 24 hours.

He thought of this invention because many places in the world suffer from frequent power outages and they only have access to power for a small amount of time during the day so this could be a nice solution. Electricity is very important in this modern time and without it, we feel like we’re separated from the rest of the world.

Bhargava also had all the poor people in mind and he wants his invention to help ease access to the same information the rest of the world has access to, and at the same time creating more opportunities for all the people.

‘The Free Electric’ is the name of his amazing invention that is an awesome solution to a pretty big issue that’s going on in the underdeveloped part of the world.

Manoj also believes that his world-changing innovation will make people lead healthier lives and it would give access to many more job opportunities for a lot of people.

It is a very courageous statement to say that this bike could change the world but if it gets implemented worldwide, that might be very close to the truth. The Free Electric not only could help people struggling with poverty but it would also be of use to those that want to help the world by reducing the use of fossil fuels. The Millennials and even the younger generation would love it if it becomes available. You get a nice cardio workout and free electricity on top of that.

The bike could also be a great backup in case of a disaster because it doesn’t rely on any company or other power source other than your legs. We’re hoping that one day we can make more energy and store it for later use whenever we need it but we don’t feel like working out for it. If that becomes the case it would also help reducing pollution because the methods by which power is created nowadays are causing great amounts of pollution.

The Future Looks Bright

Even it might seem like there’s only destruction around us, there are a lot of bright ideas coming from the minds of some smart people. We humans have amazing potential.

There are plenty of problems we are facing right now but people are coming up with solutions pretty fast. To see ideas like this that try to be nature-friendly and to aid people that need it is pretty amazing. It shows that we as a species are capable of reversing everything bad that we have done to our planet.

Free Electric is a win in every point of view. We can reduce the time we spend sitting in front of our computers and spend it to exercise and at the same time help to save our planet just a little bit.

Source: Collective-Evolution