Most people will do their best to achieve professional success and make progress in their careers by working too hard. However, some people aren’t particularly passionate about getting their dream job.

Instead, they prefer traveling around the world and uncovering the mysteries of the planet Earth.

Rich East is a person like this. He has quit his job and sold all his possessions, including his house so that he can travel around the world accompanied by his rescue cat called Willow.

Rich and Willow left their hometown in Hobart, Tasmania two and a half years ago. Since then, they have been traveling around Australia in a campervan.

Rich admitted that selling everything he owned and quitting his job to travel with his cat wasn’t an easy decision.
A lot of people didn’t approve of his desire for adventure and considered it as a peculiar idea, especially the inclusion of the cat.

Rich has explained that Willow doesn’t complain about the constant trekking and moving. She wears a special collar which is a kind of a tracking device that helps Rich to keep track of her.

So far, Rich and Willow have visited all six states and two territories of Australia. They also sailed around the Great Barrier Reef and went camping in the mountains in the Northern part of Australia.

Although Willow wasn’t included in the original plan, Rich soon realized he couldn’t leave his cat behind and decided to take her with him. Now, he is proud of his cat because she has made his campervan a home and the whole country her backyard.

In the beginning, Rich introduced her to the travel life step by step. First, he took her away for weekends and then to whole weeks until she got used to traveling.

One of Willow’s favorite activities is “taking a dust bath”. She also loves exploring around and finding the best place to take a nap.

The time spent with Willow has made him adapt himself to her daily cycle of sleeping. He found it beneficial because it helped him to slow down a bit and appreciate life more than before.

Rich and Willow are inseparable and even happier with their simple and relaxing life.


Source/photos: Van Cat Meow