It is known that people on the internet are constantly talking about cats. Cats that dance, cats that make funny faces, silly cats and every type of cat you can think of.

They are adored by millions of people from all over the world. Manggo is also one of these cats.

She is a chubby Japanese cat that has an Instagram page with more than 300k followers. Manggo’s page also includes some other cats, mainly, Coco and Boss, but it is she who is the center of attention.

If you wonder why that is the case, the popularity of this chunky cat might be attributed to her very funny and cute facial gestures.

We present you with some pics of this popular kitten and challenge you to write down in the comments a funny event that you think of when you see her cute faces.

As stated on her social media page, Manggo is currently on a diet and trying to lose weight. The account is frequently updated with her journey through the diet with the last update being that she recently lost 200 grams of her weight.







Keep up the good work Manggo!

Source/photos: Instagram  BoredPanda