Emitting the series of Mayan Civilization has been present on the Netflix screens for many years. Maya and the Three, a fantasy epic, tells the story of a warrior princess, who tries to recruit other mythical warriors in order to stop the war between humans and the Gods.

Based on the Mesoamerican civilization, Jorge Gutierrez created and directed these series. It describes the different types of cultures in Central America and Mexico.

The animation is part of the series. However, the audience also plays a vital role in performing the strategy.

Netflix is constantly trying to include a fringe talent that will bring freshness to the scene and creators that can make new stories from different civilizations.

Jorge is a well-known writer and animator, as his The Boom of Life has been nominated as a Golden Globe. The whole program is considered to last about four and a half hours. The Wizard of Oz was an inspiration for Jorge.

Maya, the warrior princess, is the protagonist of the story. She is half-human, half God. Her aim is to put an end to the war between humans and the Gods. In order to succeed, she recruits three mythical warriors.

The setting of the story is located in Latin America in the period of the 16th century.

The series of Mayan Civilization will be probably emitted in 2021.

Source: culturacolectiva.com

Photo by Jimmy Baum on Unsplash