In some schools in England, practicing meditation and mindfulness are becoming part of the curriculum. The British government has been conducting a study of mental health, which is the basis for this program.

Mindfulness and meditation can help children to deal with their emotions and support their well-being.

When children do not know how to properly express their feelings and emotions, they usually scream or cry. They often go through many difficulties when they face up dealing with complex feelings for the first time in their life.

The British government is trying to help children to easily deal with these complex feelings through meditation and mindfulness. Therefore, children in 370 schools in England will be thought techniques for meditation and mindfulness.

According to the reports of the National Health Service, nowadays, the number of children suffering from depression and anxiety is increasing. What is more, one in eight children suffers from mental disorders. The worst thing is that only one in five children can get the proper treatment.

Through meditation and mindfulness, the British government is planning to increase students` awareness and focus inside the classroom. Also, these techniques will help students to easily solve their behavioral issues.