You probably remember the irreplaceable Grumpy Cat, called Tardar Sauce who has passed away in May, last year. However, there is a new cat that has captured the world’s attention because she looks even angrier than the Grumpy Cat. This giant fluff is called Meow Meow and she is from Taiwan.

Her owner, Clara, said that she found her in an old pet shop. And, the most interesting of all is that Meow Meow is even older than the Grumpy Cat. She was abandoned when she was 10-months old, so Clara and her brother took her to their house.

Unfortunately, she was diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism, a condition that can cause a fatal outcome if left untreated.

The treatment required radioactive therapy, so Meow Meow and her owner spent about a month in Oregon, in the U.S., living in quarantine. After the period of recovery, they got back in Taiwan.

Clara said that although she looks grumpy, Meow Meow is a very sweet and gentle cat. She gives Clara morning massages just to wake her up and she is a picky eater. Even though she has tried almost all kinds of food, she prefers only a particular type of canned cat food.

Meow Meow’s favorite place is near the windows where she can watch the birds. To get a better look, she even draws the curtains by herself.

The previous Grumpy Cat had some medical conditions, such as a dental disorder and feline dwarfism which contributed to her “angry” look.

However, the reason why Meow Meow looks angry is the “Batman” mark one her face. But to her owner, she will remain the cute, little, fluffy kitty.


Source/photos: Instagram   Imgur_Siro0913