Mold is one of the most common substances present in our everyday life. Without being aware, we are exposed to mold and its toxic properties on a daily basis. Molds contain toxic components that are produced in certain environmental conditions, such as temperature, water activity, and pH.

Mold can be found in the household, in the air, and in the food. It grows in the corners of our homes and our workplaces, behind the walls, below the floors, and between tiles. The reason for the appearance of mold is usually poorly ventilated areas and areas with water damage. However, some types of mold can appear in dry and arid climates.

Furthermore, molds can be found in food. It can contaminate the entire home, from furniture to clothes. Exposure to mold can be life-threatening since it affects the immune system by weakening and distressing the same, thus causing serious health problems. Some types of mold release chemicals which are highly poisonous and toxic.

These chemicals are called mycotoxins and are extremely difficult to destroy. When humans, even animals, are highly exposed to these chemicals, they can face serious neurological problems that may be lethal for them. People who are sensitive to allergies need to be especially careful since they are the easiest target when it comes to the harmful effects of mold.

The symptoms of chronic mold toxicity are often misleading, i.e., they are very similar to the symptoms of other conditions and syndromes, and thus, this condition can be often misdiagnosed.

The most common symptoms:

  • fatigue
  • headaches
  • blurred vision
  • sleep issues
  • respiratory problems
  • sensitivity to light
  • joint pain
  • confusion
  • memory loss
  • mood issues
  • numbness
  • inflammatory issues

If you believe that your home or working area is under mold threat, it is recommended to take prevention measures and solve the problem by removing the mold. The best option is to find a professional who will determine the causes of mold appearance and take steps to remove the same, thus making the space safe for living or working.

Another thing one must do is find an experienced doctor who is familiar with mold illnesses and can help detoxify the body. In doing this, one should avoid certain types of food like sugars and carbohydrates or food that does not contain fungi. For best results in recovery and toxin removal, it is also recommended to take supplements such as Glutathione and charcoal.