The Health Department of Florida gave a warning to people that a rare Eastern equine encephalitis virus (EEE) can spread to people through infected mosquitoes and lead to swelling and severe, fatal brain issues.

A few sentinel chickens were tested for EEE and the results of the tests showed positive. Therefore, the risk of spreading to humans has risen.

EEE represents a rare infection, which usually spreads in swampy areas far from civilization. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention in the USA reported that there are 7 cases of Eastern equine encephalitis virus in humans per year.

Nearly, 30% of them end fatally, whereas others experience neurological impairment.

The symptoms, which include vomiting, drowsiness, convulsions, fever, chills, severe headaches, are usually felt 7 – 10 days after a person is bitten from a mosquito. Seizures, disorientation, and coma are some of the severest symptoms of EEE.

Source: CNN