When I was a teenager, I was ashamed to show up with my mother. My friends were more independent than me and did everything without my parents.

I still remember several discussions, where my friends told me that parents were only an obstacle to our plans and that the time had come to live our lives without having to seek their approval.

I could understand their point of view, even if I didn’t approve of it. I have always had a beautiful relationship with my mother and father, and I never thought of my parents as an obstacle or something negative.

My mother was the first person to believe in me and my talent. She wasn’t just a mother’s encouragement to spur her son, she believed in me and what I could do in my life, and she will never forget when she said:

Those words entered my head and never came out. That’s why every day, I try to take advantage of all the opportunities I have to be better and better: work correctly, education, show respect for all people, accomplish all my goals every day, and try to improve myself and the world around me.

If I am this type of person, it is only thanks to my mother, the first person who believed in me, and who pushed me to improve.

I don’t mean that my relationship with my mother has always been perfect because I would be lying.

After all, my mother and I are two different people of different ages, and we come from different life experiences. I didn’t live like my mother, and she didn’t live like me. I still remember our quarrels, often generated by stupid reasons, where we shouted for several minutes.

The important thing is that we clarified our differences and apologized. But I think my mother was happy with our quarrels because I fought for what I believed in, regardless of whether it was right or wrong. Mum appreciated my willingness to defend my ideas, and I could see that the respect she had for me had increased.

Whoever says that the mother is our first friend, the best friend, and a friend forever is right. Finding a true friend is difficult because everyone can have good intentions, but it is difficult to be truly happy when another person is successful, has money, love, and everything we want.

I have seen many fake smiles because envy is difficult to fight, but my mother has always been happy for me. Each of my successes was a real joy for her, it was a reason for pride, and I can’t forget this. A mother always wants the success of her son or daughter, without any compromise, with pure love.

Follow my advice, respect your mother, and know that you will never find a friend like her. Enjoy every moment with her, because she will always have something to teach you.

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