The first thing that we need in the morning after we wake up is a cup of coffee. Nevertheless, consuming coffee in the afternoon may alter our sleeping. This, it will affect our productivity at work in the morning.

Taking a nap is the best solution for increasing work productivity.

According to the researches, taking a short nap during the workday helps increase alertness more than long hours of sleep. In addition, short naps do not have any negative effects and do not affect the sleeping pattern at night.

However, even though it is considered that short naps boost productivity at work, it is really uncomfortable to sit in a chair and sleep in front of the colleagues.

Thus, Nancy Leivaditou, a designer, invented a multipurpose deck that can be transformed into a nap desk. It is perfectly designed for taking a nap in an office. Moreover, the nap desk has a small TV if you want to take a break.

Make sure you set up an alarm before taking a nap in this comfortable desk.