A lot of people know that as we become older it is very likely that we will be affected with new pains and aches. The pain can be unbearable, but experiencing it and not looking for help can only worsen the situation and increase the pain.

Every older has a wish to feel amazing as they age, but this might be something that can be hard to do. If you take care of yourself and your joints when you are young, you will be able to feel radiant and strong throughout the years.

Factors that can contribute to your knee pain

The fact that joint pain is just a result of aging might be a serious thought for a lot of people. It is a thought which can lead many people to endure their pain and not look for medical advice. However, joint pain could be a sign of a bigger problem, and if it is not diagnosed might cause medical problems in the future.


This is a very common form of arthritis. It appears when the protective cartilage that is located on the end of bones is worn down. It can on different body parts, but the parts that are affected the most are the joints in the knees, hands, spine and hips and even though its symptoms cannot be reversed, they can be managed.

If you have knee pain it is extremely important to visit a doctor and to check if this was caused by osteoarthritis and in most cases it is related to aging.


If you get an injury on certain body part, your joints particularly, it might be possible that the pain symptoms will continue long after the initial period of healing has ended.

Post-traumatic arthritis is a form of osteoarthritis and it happens because of an injury to the joint. 5.6 million people in the USA are affected by this.

Vitamin D Deficiency

This is a very important nutrient for having strong bones. It can help you to maintain the levels of blood calcium and it also regulates phosphorus and calcium, which keeps teeth and bones hard. Lack of vitamin D can cause weak muscles and brittle bones. Other symptoms are pelvis and hip fractures, tenderness, bone pain, tooth decay and in some cases even hearing loss.

However, there is one ingredient that can help you to reduce the pain and also strengthen the cartilage around your joints. This ingredient is gelatin. There is one recipe for amazing natural drink and you will get its amazing benefits, but you will not be ingesting any unhealthy ingredients.

You can use gelatin as a strength-builder

Gelatin is made from boiling of animal cartilage, bones, and skin for extraction of collagen, which is a fibrous material that connects bones, muscles, and skin in animals. Once it is processed it becomes gelatin.

It contains a lot of amino acids and as it is comprised of 98-99% protein; it has different healing properties that can help the human body. Consuming gelatin is amazing for improving joint and bone pain and it is great for people who want to strengthen the cartilage around the joints.

You can find gelatin is many forms, powdered or as a pill. Collagen or gelatin is an animal product which is generally sourced from bovine, marine, chicken and pork. We present you different powdered collagen and gelatin types:

Gelatin Powder – People use it in recipes and it can be found unflavored and flavored.

Collagen Powder – It is powder and the best way is to add it in hot and cold liquids, and people also use it for cooking. People use it as a supplement as it can be easy to mix.

Marine Collagen – It is similar to collagen powder. It is made of skin, cartilage, and bones of marine animals. It is a great option for people who do not want to use pork or beef.

When you choose a brand of gelatin, you have to search for the best quality option. It is important to look for:

1. The place where it was sourced – The ideal way is free range and grass-fed animals.
2. The country from where it is sourced–the best place is closer to home.
3. The pasture quality– do not buy pastures which are treated with pesticides and chemicals.

Collagen and gelatin powder usually have minimal flavor, however, you can add them in different recipes so you can boost the taste and enjoy its benefits at the same time.

Natural Drink for Strengthen Joints and rebuilding Cartilage

If you have joint pain, you should consult with your doctor in order to reduce the pain, if it is caused by a medical problem, such as osteoarthritis. If you experience this you can incorporate gelatin in your diet to rebuild the cartilage and also strengthen the body.

We present you one delicious and simple way that can help you to the benefits of gelatin.

You will need:

– 1 teaspoon of cinnamon powder
– 1 cup of oatmeal
– 1 cup of orange juice
– 8 ounces of water
– 1 teaspoon of honey
– 2 teaspoons of unflavored gelatin powder
– 8 ounces of crushed almonds

*2 servings


1. First boil the oatmeal for around 10 minutes and set it aside to cool down.
2. Add the gelatin powder, cinnamon powder, almonds, orange juice and honey.
3. Using a blender blend the ingredients until you get a smooth consistency.

It is a recipe for 2 servings. Drink one serving in the morning, and the second one after lunch. You should drink this mixture for a period of 15 days, two times in a day.


The drink should be stored in the fridge and it should be sealed. Remember to shake it before you drink it.

People who age think that this is something negative. However, it is not good to live in pain or fear. It is important to educate yourself and this will help you to live with no pain and you will feel better in a physical and emotional pain. It is important to feel good each and every day of your life.