If you observe how people behave, you can identify what they are trying to hide from you. The way they treat you will reveal who they are.

Liars will accuse you of being a liar

When someone says that you are lying, but you know that you are telling the truth, it means that the person is a liar. They lie about certain things to put all attention on you.

The cheater will accuse you of being a cheater

Usually, people, who are accusing you of cheating, are the cheaters. In this way, they only want to show themselves that you were as bad as them.

Insecure people will accuse you of being insecure

Insecure people usually try to make other people feel insecure, too. For instance, the bullies, who have been bullied before, feel the need to bully someone else.

If you are observing people closely, you will notice how they reveal their insecurities. In this way, they only show you who they are.