Be sure that someday someone will make exceptions to their rules just to be with you.

One day, you will make someone a believer. Always trust in yourself, and trust in real love. Know that you are awesome, and you have great potential and just like that, you can uncover your hidden strengths.

Someday someone will find everything they’ve looked for in you. You will be the embodiment of all their dreams and wishes. You will be the one they had no idea they needed in their life, and you will be their perfection, their world and they will be always there by your side.

Someday, you will be the one that heals a broken heart and puts a smile on someone else’s face. You will be the one that they needed to be happy and to learn to truly love again.

Someday, you will be the reason someone dares to stop running away, and settle down with you. They will do things for you nobody else would do. They will make exceptions to the rules for you, and you will be a part of a story, that everyone loves to think about when thinking of fairy tales.

Someday, your love will touch someone deeply. That love will be passionate, and two-sided, it will be strong and exciting. It will be like the love you realize you had when you lost it, but never having to go through the losing process.

Someday, you will be the reason that someone is grateful to be alive, and by your side. They will enjoy every moment spent with you like it’s the last one. With you around them, they won’t be sad, and they’ll have the biggest smile on their face.

Someday, when everyone else will be gone, you will realize why they left you, and that they were wrong about you. But you will be together with the person who deserves you and can see the best things in you and you will know that you’re in the best place that you can be.

Source: HowToLoseWeight