We cannot imagine cooking without onions. Not only onion are used to flavor the dishes, but they are also used as an effective natural medicine. Diabetics are recommended to eat onions, as they contain a high amount of phytohormone, which acts in the same way as insulin.

In addition, onion enhance the function of the heart by improving blood flow through the vessels. Moreover, they regulate the high levels of cholesterol. They also reduce high blood pressure and help regenerate the blood cells, which is the reason why they are used to treat mild forms of anemia. Onions positively affect the respiratory tract, as they easily open the alveolus. For this reason, onions are one of the most beneficial natural remedies used to treat flu.

Furthermore, onions help improve the function of the intestine and the uterus. They act as a diuretic, too, as they reduce swelling and treat stomach bloating.

The sulfur, which is found in onions, reduces inflammation. Therefore, it is recommended to consume fresh onion because when it is cooked, its beneficial properties are reduced.

Onion Treat Ulcers

Cut a red onion in half. Then, before baking it, coat it in olive oil. Prepare a mixture of 1 – 2 chopped cloves of garlic, a teaspoon of raw honey, and a teaspoon of Propolis. Pour this mixture into the baked onion. Apply the onion mixture directly on the ulcer and fix it with gauze. Leave it overnight. Repeat the procedure until the ulcer disappears.

Onion Treat Insomnia

Blend 3 – 4 cloves of onion. Pour the mixture into a glass and add honey and rice water. Consume this drink at night before going to bed. Repeat this therapy for at least one week.

Onion Salad Fights Against Parasites

In a bowl, mix 4 – 5 cloves of onion, a teaspoon of pumpkin seeds, and plain ginger. Add olive oil and lemon juice (one lemon). Add salt, as well. Consume this salad at 12 p.m. for 21 days. It is recommended for diabetics, too.

Onion Compresses Treat And Prevent Painful Growths On The Skin And The Toes

Mix a clove of grated onion and a teaspoon of tartaric acid. Pour the mixture into gauze and apply it to the affected place. Let it stay for 2 hours. Repeat the procedure twice a day for three days.