The Administration of Obama passed a rule which required producers of eggs that use the USDA organic label to make out-of-door space for organic hens. However, the Administration of Trump switched the rule.

For years, the Department of Agriculture of US has required the producers of organic eggs to provide outer space for hens. Numerous brands have already provided small doors that enable hens to go outside.

These hens, which share the space with other 200.000 hens, never go outside. Namely, half of the organic eggs are produced on those factory farms.

The Administration of Obama passed a new rule, which required producers of eggs to close these doors and to provide space that is at least 2 square feet per hen.

This indicates that large farms, like Herbruck’s Poultry Ranch, which keeps 2 million chickens, needed 5 years in order to find outer space for the hens or to modify the label to cage-free eggs.

Now, the Administration of Trump is planning to switch the rule. Namely, both Debbie Stabenow, the senior Democrat and Pat Roberts, the chairman of the Agriculture committee, asked USDA to change the rule. The Herbruck family paid thousands of dollars to Roberts and Pat supporting their campaign.

The Administration of Trump announced their plans to take the rule back as it surpasses the authority of USDA.