A Chinese woman has fought for many years to find her son who was kidnapped when he was only three years old. After 32 years of searching, Li Jingzi finally got reunited with her son Mao.

The little boy was kidnapped back in 1988. His father took him from preschool and while going back home, they stopped at the entrance of a hotel as the little boy asked for some water. It took him seconds to cool down some hot water for his son when someone grabbed the boy and took him away.

To find her missing son, his mother, Li, even quit her job. She had sent out more than 100,000 flyers and shared her story on numerous national TV programs.

In 2007, she started volunteering at a group known as “Baby Come Back Home” whose mission is to collect information about missing children and reunite them with their families. While volunteering at this group, Li helped 29 other missing children to find their families.

In April, the police found out that a man in Sichuan had bought a little child in the ‘80s. By using a facial recognition technology on Mao’s photo as a baby, the police simulated an image that showed his adult face. They were searching for a man in the city of Mianyang that resembled the simulated image.

When they found Mao, a DNA test was done to confirm his identity and on Mother’s Day, Li and her husband received the good news that their son had been found. Officials arranged their reunion a week later in front of numerous television cameras. Mao ran towards his mother and the whole family embraced, all weeping.

Mao never knew about his biological parents and was raised by his adoptive parents. Although he owns a business in Sichuan for home decoration, he decided to live with his birth parents.

The abduction of babies has been a problem in China for decades. Approximately, more than 20,000 children were being abducted every year in China.