Jay Lavery, a farmer from New York, shared a video on his Facebook profile on 30th of December. Never had he thought that his video will go viral.

A video of Jay, dancing in a barn to ‘Cheap Thrills’ by Sia, was uploaded by The New York Times. First, he only cleans his sheds, but when the notes of the song started, Jay broke out dancing.

Lavery said that he loved dancing. Even though he often did ‘silly things’, he had never shared them on Facebook. His video immediately went viral because it is positive, entertaining and unusual. Now, the video has more than 12M views.

The video has its own story. It goes:

‘That time of the year is famous for The Lets Move Challenge. Dancing helps me to remain warm in the barn and I never know when I will start dancing. However, a lot of people do not know that I experienced a back injury 15 years ago and underwent multiple back surgeries, a spinal fusion, a discectomy and a constant pain in the back. Meditation, yoga and dancing are the only ways to alleviate my pain. Therefore, I hope that this video will inspire you to dance despite the pain and I hope that it will make your day positive’.

Besides moving and dancing to the song, Jay wants to convey a message – he hopes that people will enjoy his video. Jay said that he received a hundred positive comments about the video. There are also comments from people who love hay, goats and people who suffer from back pain.

Jay also added:

‘I am thrilled that my video may have inspired the people who have watched it. I also hope that the people will understand the mission of the farm – to help to create a more sustainable food system in America as soon as they learn more about the farmer on the video’.

The message he wants to convey is that people should live their lives to the fullest no matter of the problems they are struggling with.
His dance performance is given below. Enjoy it!