Experts get shocked after the discovery of the remains of a frozen wolf dog. The 18.000-year old canine was found frozen in the Siberian ice.

The canine`s body was in perfect condition, containing the nails on the feet, the whiskers, the eyelashes, and some hair. It also had its milky teeth, which means that it dies young.

However, the genetic DNA tests could not determine whether the canine represented a dog or a wolf.

Experts considered it is either a wolf or an Ice dog. Samples from the canine have been delivered to the Swedish Centre for Palaeogentics to determine its species.

According to Dr. Federov, from the North-Eastern Federal University in Russia, said that they could not determine the species even though the Centre is one of the largest DNA Banks of canines.

He added that it is 18.000-old canine, but they are not able to determine whether it is a wolf or a dog.

The canine was named Dogor, a name which means Friend and expresses the uncertainty of the species.